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It happens to all of us. We’re reading, walking, or in a job or relationship when we stop and realize, “How did I get here?”

We may get so absorbed with the activity before us that it becomes mindless. And, as it gets mindless, we lose focus on the life around us. Have you been absent from your life? Have you stopped and wondered about your life’s direction? I see therapy as a journey that you and I take together. You’re the expert in your life, and when combined with my experience it can help you refocus and head in a direction that feels more positive. No matter the issue: depression, anxiety, relationships, career, or medical related issues, come find the path you’re supposed to be on.

About Cynthia

Cynthia earned her Bachelors Degree Science in Psychology from Valparaiso University and subsequently moved to Chicago, IL, to attend Loyola University Chicago to achieve her Masters Degree in Social Work. Cynthia lived in Chicago for 14 years where she was an active volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health team. She managed a police social work team for 7 years for Proviso Township…

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